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My mother's family has roots in Canada and Jamaica. Her father was of an Alberta pioneer family, and her mother was a double immigrant, first to Canada from Jamaica, then to the U.S.
I don't have any pictures yet of the Jamaican family, but plenty of pictures of the family, some newly found, of the family in Canada.CLICK ON AN IMAGE TO ENLARGE

My great grandfather, Daniel Vant Lewis, Senior and his wife, Charlotte Campbell Lewis.
Daniel Lewis is documented as being a master carpenter. His elegant railings and details were in demand throughout the homes of the rich in the Calgary area. (documented by Grant McEwan in his book on John Ware)
Daniel and Charlotte Lewis, and some of their children. Next to them is my great Uncle Spencer. The young boy is my grandfather, Daniel Lewis, Junior.
Somewhere I have the names of the other siblings. When I find them, I will add them.
My great Aunt Ethel Lewis.
I met her in 1956 when we went to the farm in Kirkaldy, Alberta. She road a horse astride, like a man, very unusual for a woman of her day. She also created pieces of furniture, which I have been told, could have been made by a master craftsman.
Ruth Jeanette Darby, daughter of Mary Lewis Darby and granddaughter of Daniel Lewis, Senior and Charlotte Lewis.
This picture was taken on her 81st birthday. If you click on the picture, you will see a picture of her mother and father and the Darby Children.
Susan Darby Ingram and her son, David.
Susan and her husband Leonard are newly found relatives who live in British Columbia.
Leonard Ingram, husband of Susan Darby Ingram.

Leonard and daughter Lenae sent us many pictures of the Canadian family. These are their daughters; Lenae, top, and Rylie.
The John Ware cabin.
My mother, Dorothy, went to Canada to visit in 1996. She is standing next to the Ware home which has been moved to the Dinosaur National Park.