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Our American Slave ancestors.
Like many people, my sister Judi and I got interested in our family genealogy when we saw "Roots". At first we just talked casually about researching, then something happened: our Aunt Doris, my father's younger sister, died. Our family almost never gets together, but when someone dies, there they are. So after meeting some members of our family for the first time our curiousity was aroused, and we became determined to really do some research. We went to the Schaumberg Museum in Harlem, on Malcolm X Boulevard and 126th Street in Harlem, to access the U.S. Census records, back to 1790. There we found records of the birth of Thomas Aldrich, our great grandfather, born in slavery in 1853. We also found his children, one of which was our paternal grandmother, Neva, who was a teacher, just like us!

The Canadian Connection.
Back in the 80's, my mom and dad when to Hawaii on vacation. (Click on the picture above to see it larger) At the airport on The Big Island, my father struck up a conversation with a woman traveller. When he found out she was Canadian, and from Alberta Province, he told her about our Canadian connection, John Ware, my mother's uncle and an Alberta pioneer. Much to my parent's suprise, she was thrilled to meet my mother. She said she had learned of John Ware in school, he was in her history book! She insisted on getting their address and said she would send them a copy of the book written about him, John Ware, Black Cowboy, written by Grant McEwan. WoW!! WE ARE FAMOUS!!

US, Jamaica, and Great Britain.
We have fewer pictures, here, so we will probably put the information as it is revealed to us on the Canadian Page. This is because it is through the Canadian line that these bloodlines became incorporated into what makes us.

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