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The typical product of American slavery, we have few pictures of our American antecedents.

We are lucky, however, to be able to trace our line back to 1853 so far. So we start the American line here with the birth of Thomas Aldrich in 1853 who was married to Penelope or Penny, born in 1859. We have records of the birth of their 10 children: Laura b. Dec. 1874, Neva Zulene (my grandmother)born Sept. 1876 died 1946, Flora F. born Oct. 1878, Lidie M. born Nov. 1880, Mary, born Oct. 1882, Zoda, born May 1885, Leonna (Missy) born Oct. 1887, Carl T. born Jan. 1889, Verna Mae born Oct. 1892, and Malcolm born May, 1896. Most of the images can be clicked on and enlarged. 

We are the original American mutts, though.  Through ancestry.com, I've sent for and gotten a snapshot of my own DNA. It seems I am 60% African, of various Western African tribes, although predominantly Nigerian (25%). I am 38% European, of which 25% is rooted in Ireland. The remaining 2% of my DNA is from Western Asia (Oh Lawd, not related to the 9-11 airplane bombers, please!), and Central Asian people (Is this better, Boston Marathon bombers?).

Neva Zulene Aldrich Russell and Edward Jackson Russell. The only picture I've ever seen of my paternal grandmother, who died when I was 1. She was Neva, daughter of Thomas and Penny, whose first 4 daughters were teachers.

My favorite picture of my father. Arthur Russell 1910-1993. He was the son of Neva and Edward.

This was my mother, Dorothy Lewis Russell, taken when she was 79 years old. She died in 2012 aged 95. Her father was the son and namesake of Daniel Vant Lewis, a Canadian settler

My sister, Judith Ann Russell, born April 10, 1041. Here she is on a beach in Negril, Jamaica, Summer 2000.

Me, Dianne Lewis Russell, born January 1, 1945 at a fashion show in 1999.

My daughter, Laura Kimberley Brown born January 17, 1966 and a picture of her at 1 1/2.

My son, Duncan Christopher Brown, born October 27, 1968, and a picture of him at 1.

Duncan, age 1, with insets daughter Kaya, age 1 and son D.J. age 9 months.

Duncan, Christmas, 2002.

Art and Dorothy Russell

Kim's softball team when she was about 15. That's her, in the rear, 2nd from left not paying attention. That's her cousin Dani, the tall girl on the right.

Kim, the day after Christmas, 2002.

My niece Jennifer, Christmas 1999.

My sister Judi, Christmas 2002.

My nephew Khaliq and Kim, Christmas, 2002. Khaliq turns 18 this coming May.

Judi's oldest daughter, Danielle (Dani).

DJ, Duncan's son, at 3 months.

Duncan's daughter, Kaya at age 3 months.

My general genetic break-down.

My African heritage

My European ancestry

Western Asia, excluding Egypt.









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